2018 agility trials  to be held at Dayton Dog Training Club.

Dates for trials to change also

After years of low entries when other clubs were filling their trials, we’re moving to bigger accommodations and different dates for this year’s agility events.

The spring trials will be held at Dayton Dog Training Club on May 11-13. The fall trials will also be at DDTC on December 1-2.

We have enjoyed a long agility partnership with Clermont County Dog Training Club, but our entries have never grown to a point where we could make a profit commensurate with the amount of work it takes to put on an agility trial. AKC limits entries to 330 per judge per day; entries at CCDTC never reached that limit and actually declined from an April 2012 Saturday trial high of 226 to an April trial low of 95 in 2017. The December events also saw a dramatic drop from 295 at the Saturday 2013 trial to 128 last year. During these years, other clubs were reaching the limit and enjoying waiting lists.

The drop in entries coincided with a change in exhibitor preference for flooring. DDTC offers turf flooring, the surface now favored by agility competitors, along with lots of crating space; plenty of parking (including several no-hookup RV spaces); and a kitchen with a generous dining area. The club is located in a warehouse complex on East River Road off I-75 in Moraine, which is just south of Dayton.

Trial chairman Alan Margulies will need five club members to attend the trials to meet the AKC committee requirement; table stewards to serve as scribes and timers; ring stewards to reset jumps for each height class; and members to help with cleaning the DDTC building at the Sunday conclusion of the trials. The trial committee members can double in any other job or can simply watch the classes and chat with other CCKC members and exhibitors. Many jobs require no experience and can be easily learned in a very short time.

DDTC members are excited to have us move our trial to their building and are already spreading the word with other competitors. This is a chance to raise the CCKC profile in the area with a growing number of passionate exhibitors.

The Dayton Dog Training Club is located at 3040 E River Rd # 5, Moraine, OH 45439

A Google map is here  Dayton Dog Training club is at lower left on map, easily reached from I75 exit 50A (Dryden Rd) and approximately 30 minutes north of I275 via I75..

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