Looking for a purebred puppy?
You've come to the right place!

  • Step 1: Select a breed that fits your family and lifestyle
  • Step 2: Find a responsible breeder
  • Step 3: Pick the perfect puppy

CCKC can help with Steps 1 & 2, and a responsible breeder can help with Step 3!

The CCKC Breeder Directory includes club members who provide breed information, whelp occasional litters of puppies, or have occasional adult dogs to place in new homes. If you cannot find a direct contact here, try our CCKC breeder referral contact:

Our breeder referral committee members are well-connected with breed enthusiasts throughout Ohio, but if they cannot help you, AKC probably can. You can check for a contact with a national breed club at the AKC Breeder search page.

Here are a few things to consider as you begin your search:

  • Size
  • Coat type
  • Potential health problems
  • Training ease
  • Exercise needs
  • Yards and gardens
  • The noise factor
  • Temperament, etc.
  • What's your lifestyle?
  • Popularity

And more:

  • Who Will Take Care of Fido
  • Housetraining
  • Manners
  • If you live in an apartment...
  • Male or female

Find a responsible breeder

Breed clubs maintain a code of ethics for good practices that includes health testing for puppy parents and attention to the qualities that make each breed special. Responsible breeders meet other criteria as well.

 They usually ...

  • keep puppies at least seven weeks and often more than eight weeks.
  • begin training puppies to accept a collar and leash and to sleep in a crate.
  • begin housetraining and socializing puppies to accept new people and environments.
  • begin good manners training so that puppies sit for treats, walk on a leash, and wait to go out the door.
  • make sure the puppy has visited the veterinarian and has received first puppy shots and wormings.
  • keep in touch with the puppy buyer to make sure that the match is successful.
  • answer questions about puppy training, health, and behavior.

No matter how you find a breeder, be sure to ask for AKC registration papers with your puppy. AKC registers more than 170 breeds and welcomes additional breeds as parent clubs meet AKC requirements. AKC registration does not guarantee puppy health or temperament, but it does open the door to participation in performance events (agility, obedience, rally, hunting and herding tests, etc.) and helps support AKC programs such as genetic and disease research through the Canine Health Foundation, Canine Good Citizen certification, free education material for elementary schools, scholarships for veterinary students, and aid for dogs caught in natural disasters.

More information about CCKC responsible breeders and the guidelines they abide by is here.

Bring home the perfect puppy

All puppies have different personalities just as people do. Your breeder has watched  puppies in your puppy's litter learn and explore and interact as they grow. By the time they're ready to go to their new homes their personality traits will be obvious. The more your breeder knows about you, your family, how you live and what you expect, the better she'll be able to place just the right puppy as a new member of your family.

It doesn't end there.

Responsible breeders have a life-long commitment to the puppies they place. If you have questions about your puppies training, health, behavior or anything else, don't hesitate to ask your puppy's breeder. They'll be glad to hear from you and answer any questions.

Rescued dogs

Don't want a puppy? CCKC breeder referral contacts can help you find a rescue dog of your chosen breed or you can visit the AKC breed rescue list.

Check out a rescue group and dog as closely as you would a breeder. Responsible rescues evaluate the dogs in their care, take them to a veterinarian, make sure they are spayed or neutered, and match the dog's temperament with the family's activity level and living conditions. Many dogs are surrendered to rescue groups because they have developed unacceptable behaviors, so be sure you are prepared to deal with problems when accepting a rescued dog into your home.

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CCKC is your Clermont County link to the wonderful world of purebred dogs!

We join The American Kennel Club, The National Animal Interest Alliance, AKC Canine Health Foundation & Ohio Valley Dog Owners in promoting the value of purebred dogs in all of their roles in today's society and in protecting the rights of responsible dog breeders, owners, and exhibitors.
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