Clermont County Kennel Club Breeder Referral
Responsible breeders abide by these guidelines:

The breeders listed here agree to abide by the following guidelines but we cannot guarantee compliance. If you find conditions in violation of these guidelines when visiting one of the breeders included, please call Sandra Harris, (513) 756-9022 or email
Rhoda Ezell, for assistance.

Responsible breeders agree to promote and protect the health, circumstances, and image of all purebred dogs by adherence to the following principles.

  • Keep the health and welfare of the animals as the top criteria in all dealings concerning dogs, including companionship, breeding, selling, and competitive showing.
  • Maintain high standards in dog care, providing clean and safe housing and attending to the nutritional, medical, social, and grooming needs of the dogs.
  • Comply with all applicable AKC rules and regulations.
  • Assist other dog owners with advice and instructions when asked and share knowledge with novices interested in companionship, conformation or performance events, and breeding.
  • Uphold standards of professionalism and honestly represent dogs in advertising and other statements.
  • Breed to conform to the breed standard in regard to physical and mental soundness.
  • Use spay/neuter contracts and/or limited registrations for all dogs with faults detrimental to the breed.
  • Refuse to sell dogs or puppies to any commercial wholesaler or retailer or to provide dogs or puppies to auctions, flea markets, raffles, etc.
  • Use discretion in their placement of puppies and provide lifelong support to those who purchase puppies or adult dogs;
  • Provide stud service only to bitches that are registered with AKC (or a reciprocal registry) and are free of physical or mental faults detrimental to the breed; and
  • Refer potential buyers to those breeders who, to their knowledge, adhere to these principles.

Violations of these principles should be reported in writing for review by the sponsor of the directory. If the complaint is deemed justified, the breeder will be dropped from the breeder directory list unless and until the violations are corrected.

These members of the Clermont County Kennel Club own, train, and show the breeds listed below. Some breed occasional litters or have an adult dog to place in a new home, and all are enthusiasts who enjoy providing information about their breeds. However, please understand that a listing in this directory is not an endorsement by the club; all agreements, contracts, and guarantees between buyers and sellers are the responsibility only of the parties involved. It is therefore incumbent upon potential puppy buyers to research the breed and the breeders with care.

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